Saturday, April 18, 2009

Advice Needed

Last weekend our neighbors moved and had a yard sale. They had an Easy Bake oven for sale. I told Lillian what it was and if she wanted it she could go ask about it. They said she could have it for a dollar and I said IN FRONT OF THE MOM that Lillian had to buy it out of her tooth fairy money. So she got it and brought it home and when I looked at it, it was only the oven itself.
So here is where I need the advice. Should I look for the other pieces and buy them for her or buy her a new one or just let her learn a lesson? I should add that this is the very first time Lillian has bought anything with her own money.
Right now I stuck the oven in the garage and she seems to have forgotten about it all together. I told her that she needed to still be a little older to play with it by herself and it didn't have all the pieces yet so we couldn't use it anyway.
What do you think?


Becky said...

If you do a lot of yard sailing, maybe you could just be on the lookout for the pieces she'll need, and then she can 'earn' them from you for jobs around the house or something.

I've seen those ovens at thift stores, too.

Darlene said...

I say, def. she can earn them. You only really need a pan and a pusher, which can be cheaply ordered at As for the food, don't buy it, its a waste of money! I have recipes!!

Darlene said...

Oh and, yes, she def. needs to be older. Unless you can bake cookies with her w/o getting frustrated, which I cannot do with Kaylee.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Apparently I'm a bit softer on this than others, because I would buy her a new one. This wouldn't be the case for just anything, but the fact that she thought it out and bought it with her own money kind of makes me sad that it doesn't work. Recently a friend gave Lilla a leapster and the screen had serious issues and I felt so bad that she had been so excited about finally getting one, that we just bought one for her. We normally wouldn't but it was the instance. I guess that's the important part. Life doesn't always have to be about lessons, sometimes you just do things for your kids, well, just because.

Darlene said...

You could also regift it to her with the accessories...for her birthday maybe? You might have $10 in the accessories and that is still cheaper than buying a new one.

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