Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

Here, the cake in the face picture.
Oh, look how much you have changed!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm tired. I am tired through to my bones. I am so tired I have misspelled words three times already. If I knew how to cross things out, I would make that four times. I am at the stage (five times) that I can't tell if I am getting really sick with a cold or flu or if I am having a major allergy attack. My eye is itchy and watery so that is saying allergies, but what about the bone numbing weariness accompanied by the waves of weariness and the occasional weariness. My children are both just getting over colds with fever so I could have caught that. I don't know. I know you will be very interested to know, so I will keep you updated on the source of my congestion (and weariness).

In other news, my knitting and I are getting along famously! I have learned to increase and cable. I have learned to read a pattern and correct most mistakes that I make. I have completed two squares so far including the crochet border around both. It made me question my ability to count to 48 but other than that went pretty well. Also, my friend Lanessa bought me a beautiful knitting bag with a zipper (I never realized how important a zipper on a knitting bag was until I had one) so that makes it even more fun.

Oh, also, my husband and I went to a piano bar for Valentine's Day. We had such a great time eating alone and having real conversation that is not peppered with interruptions. We just sat at the restaurant for almost two hours and enjoyed each other and the music.

Okay, my baby is calling me and so is dinner. (Mostly, the couch is calling me.)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day! Did your sweetheart do anything special for you today? My husband didn't notice my new haircut, gave me a card and a knife sharpener and went to the movies with his buddy.


Actually, the card was very sweet. The knife sharpener was just a knife sharpener- not a gift. The movie is a longstanding ritual that usually happen on Saturday night but we are going out on a date on Saturday so they are going tonight instead. (The Army has a four day weekend for Presidents Day this weekend.) He really didn't notice my haircut, though.

We are trading babysitting with our friends (hi, Lanessa!) this weekend. They are going out Friday night and we are going Saturday. This is, by the way, the same friend that he is at the movies with right now. So, we are really celebrating love day then, instead. I guess we are going to the Olive Garden. This will be the first time we have been out to eat alone since July. I am really looking forward to it.

Today is also my sisters birthday. (hi, Deanna!) She turned all of 22. For her birthday I got Lillian to tell her that she looks older than me. I am such a good big sister.

It was also friend day at Lillian's preschool and we had to make out 40 (40!) cards. That was a lot more work than I had imagined.

So, whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day today, tomorrow, or Saturday, have a great day and tell someone you care about how much they mean to you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First, I wonder when my stomach got so fat. Then, when did my pants get so tight? Then, a few days later I notice that I just can NOT get going in the morning. I don't even have the energy to get the coffee going. And, why am I so grouchy and short with everyone, especially my husband? WHAT is up with my skin, anyway? Then yesterday, everything finally fell into place. Why is it that I wonder at these same things, month after month. One of these days maybe I will catch on.

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's almost sad

16% Geek

Monday, February 4, 2008

God bless Nora Jones

Until we move, Isaac, who will be one year old this month (what? can that even be true?) is still sleeping in our bedroom. His crib is in the corner of our quite small room and every noise we make when we go to bed wakes him up so I knew that we had to come up with something better. Chris thought maybe we could put him in the laundry room, but somehow that doesn't seem like a good solution. I couldn't do laundry while he was sleeping. Plus, that just seems wrong, somehow. We can't put him in his sisters room because she has (mild) night terrors and she would wake him up anyway. So I finally came up with the idea, and then thought 'why didn't I think of this sooner?' to put on some music to cover up any noise me might make getting ready for bed. Even just pulling back the blankets could wake him up sometimes. I "borrowed" Lillian's CD player, popped in a CD of Nora Jones and he slept just fine. Then last night as I was getting him ready for bed, he kept looking over at the CD player to look for the music. I turned on the CD and he immediatly cuddled in to me and was ready to sleep. Why didn't I try this earlier?