Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When we are in the car or on walks, Lillian likes to imagine about her future. She has a whole house planned out with several swimming pools and maids that will take you to Chuck*E*Cheese anytime you want to go.

She wants to wonder who she will marry and what she will do. She has decided to be a princess mermaid. Then a teacher and right now she wants to be a singer. No matter what she says she wants to be, she says "but I will me a mom, too. Because I want kids." We have talked about getting married before you can have kids and that you can do whatever you want to do and have kids too, if you want.

The other day she said something about having kids and it occurred to me that maybe she wouldn't have kids for some reason. Maybe she will decide not to or maybe she will not get married for some reason. Maybe her and/or her husband will not be able to.

I told her that not everyone has kids when they grow up. She said "What!? They get to choose?" I told her yes, people get to choose. Then she said, "Oh, I thought Jesus got to choose."


Becky said...

I love hearing about what grandiose dreams kids come up with...because most of the kids in my life usually put something about Chuck E. Cheese in there. Too funny.

Clever of her to consider multiple pools, because, you know, when you're filthy rich enough to have a palatial home with a pool, one could get very bored with just one after a while, lol.

claire montgomerie said...

aw, sooo cute! i love hearing what comes out of kids mounths!

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Kristi said...

What a way to put things into perspective, huh?

I just found your blog and it is nice to meet you.

At the moment, my younger son wants to be a clown when he grows up and my older either an astronaut or a superhero. LOL

Beck said...

It's funny how kids can see things so clearly sometimes!

The Army of Allmans said...

ummmm it has now been over two months since a new bout it, huh? Give us a new one!