Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Right now, the ham is finished, the potatoes are cooking, and my husband is upstairs playing with the kids. Pretty good life.

We decided, since my husband has to work in the morning, that we would stay home for Thanksgiving this year, so this is my first time making a holiday meal on my own. I opted out for the turkey because, well, my husband asked for ham. We are having a jammie day and just hanging out.

My pies turned out fine, but not really very pretty. I was trying to boil the potatoes and they never would start boiling. The coil on my stove went out this morning. Great timing!

But my son likes the cranberry sauce. My kids are doing a puzzle with their dad while some years we have just waited for a 15 minute phone call from him from somewhere far away. We have a warm house and more than enough food. Lillian is enjoying the Macy's parade. I have more blessings than I deserve.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This week has been the climax of fall. The ground is carpeted with yellow leaves and the trees are all on fire and glowing.

This time of year makes me think of the majesty of God. Imagine the God that loves us so much that instead of the leaves just falling off the trees and going straight into the bleakness of winter, He graces us with the beauty of fall. He takes the time to make the world a beautiful place for our enjoyment and for His glory. All nature and beauty point to our loving Father that wants to bless us.

Imagine the God that even loves a leaf that is about to die and fall to the ground so much that he touches it with beauty. How much, then, does He love us?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I had one of those moments this morning after dropping my daughter off at school. The kind of moment you never think you will have until becoming a parent. Then you find yourself using the word poopy and using clothing as tissues.

As we were driving home my son was very still and quiet so I looked back in the mirror at him and he was staring very intently at his hands. He just looked so cute and serious. His little forehead was scrunched in concentration and something like confusion. He was touching his finger to his thumb and opening it again very slowly. I realized that they must be sticking together a little and he was wondering why. Then he stuck his finger in his nose and started it all over again.