Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer blues

So, we have had a pretty relaxing week. I am a little bummed that my husbands leave is almost over. He has to be back to work on Monday. I just really like having him around the house. We have had a lot of fun the last week, hanging out and being lazy, going to the park and the swimming pool. I had so many more plans for his leave, I just don't know how time goes by so fast. I guess it is just like summer. I feel like it just started but really it is about half over. While we do not have any school age children yet, everything closes down when school starts. I feel like I have a case of summer time blues. Who sings that song? Alan Jackson? Anyway, I just feel sort of melancholy today and I am trying really hard to shake this funk. Anyone have any suggestions?

On a different note, my son is rolling over onto his tummy all the time now. It makes him so mad, which is just funny. He loves his toys in a way that my daughter never did. He rolls to try and get them and eat them. I think that is what is going through his head pretty much all the time. "I want to eat it." I say this out loud for him in a Dracula sort of voice. Or maybe an Igor sort of voice. I don't think it really amuses anyone but me, but I find it hilarious.

Happy Friday the 13th. Watch some scary movies.


Beck said...

Babies are lots of fun, aren't they?
I'm sorry your husband's leave is over. I can't imagine what that would be like.