Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We have been trying to get our 5 month old to fall asleep by himself at night. I have been reading up on all the latest ways of doing this. They all seem about the same to me. I know I am tired of nursing him to sleep and then as soon as I lay him down he wakes up. We have tried the cry it out method, but it makes me feel jittery. So we are taking what we like from a few different methods and basically doing what we have already been doing. There was an article recently in Parenting magazine about different methods and this pretty much makes up my research on the subject. With our daughter we pretty much let her cry it out and had planned to do the same with Isaac but now we remember that he is not Lillian the second, he is Isaac and we have to do things in the way that is best for him, not what worked for Lillian. That is a hard lesson to learn. But anyway, last night he cried for about 30 minutes before finally conking out. So, we will see how it goes the next few nights. I don't know if my poor heart can take it.

I signed Lillian up for part-day preschool today. She starts on Tuesday and we are all so excited! It will be only on Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours but I am totally looking forward to it. She needs more of an outlet to be around other kids and not around me. She keeps reminding me that I can not stay with her, I can only drop her off. Like I need reminding. So this fall we will have school Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, MOPS on Wednesdays and church Wednesday night and Sunday morning and AWANA Sunday night. So this will give us a nice break from each other. Although, she is moving into the Sunday School class that I am assistant teacher in, so that will be interesting. This all sounds like we don't really like each other very much, but that sure isn't the case. She is almost 4 now and really needs to be independent. We are both ready for a few hours apart and this will ease us into regular school as next year she will be in pre-k every day for a few hours.

We also went to the pool today where Lillian spent most of the time pouting because her friend was playing with another little girl instead of her. When does this go away? When do kids learn to play with more than one person at a time? Why is Lillian seem to always be the one left out? I told her to just go play with them- they weren't excluding her- or just find someone else to play with but she just didn't seem to feel like she fit in with them.

We are looking forward to a good extended weekend this week. My husband 'might' have Friday off and will have Monday off, too, so that should be fun. Maybe more van shopping, maybe some water park fun, for sure some being lazy around the house. Should be lots of fun!


Veronica Mitchell said...

Letting them cry it out can be so difficult. With my last two it worked, even though they sounded so pitiful. They just needed to cry to get out the last of that energy so they could fall asleep.