Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not a lot going on around here, hence very few and far between posts. My baby is trying to crawl. Somehow everything new that he has done lately, I have missed. My husband has been the one to tell me and then I can watch for it. Anyway, he is up on hands and knees sometimes. He is finally becoming a bit more independent so that I can set him down for short periods of time without him wailing. He is 6 months now. Wow! I just can't believe it. His half birthday was yesterday. I remember when Lillian was 6 months and my sister called to wish her a happy half-birthday. How different life was back then, over 3 years ago!

At church Sunday night someone looked at me shocked that I was holding a baby and said that she didn't even realize that I was pregnant! She decided it was because I didn't look pregnant. Hmmm... ya, that must be it. (see pic above. i couldn't move it for some reason)

One piece of news around here is that my husband will soon be hobbling around. Well, hobbling more than normal. He is having surgery on his knee next week, so that should be fun. Another person to take care of, not to sound selfish or anything.


Beck said...

She didn't know you were pregnant? Heh.
On the other hand, someone asked me if I was pregnant the other day. Nope, just fat.

D said...

that was a good post. it's been a while since you wrote one. i am always checking to see if there is anything interesting going on in the "army-wife" household!

Alpha DogMa said...

Maybe she just thought you were shopping lifting watermelons?

bubandpie said...

Well, I have to say, nobody would have made that mistake about me, especially during my second pregnancy. On the other hand, like Beck, I was heartily congratulated a few weeks ago for my (non-existent) "baby news."