Sunday, August 19, 2007


It is so hot. We have been stuck inside like it is the dead of winter because it is so hot. There is a drought and our grass is dead because it is so hot. On Thursday, our air conditioner went out and I thought I was going to roast inside my own house because it is so hot. I can't wait for things to cool off a bit. The sign outside our church says "and you think this is hot?" That really made me giggle.

I am glad that everything that comes with fall is starting up again. I need some structure and more activities to keep us all occupied. MOPS is getting underway soon, and until then we are busy planning and preparing. AWANA is starting in a few weeks, too, so that will be nice. We have started going back to church on Wednesday night after taking a break from it after my son was born in February. I am really looking forward to it. Plus, our church has dinner before church every Wednesday, so that combined with MOPS in the morning makes Wednesday a busy but nice day. Almost like a day off.

Don't know what MOPS is? MOPS is Mothers of Preschoolers. There is one near you. Go to and you can do a search or find out how to start one yourself. It is a great program of mothers supporting mothers, getting out of the house for some mommy time while your child enjoys themselves in another room. There is something for everyone- crafts, fellowship, food.


D said...

HOT!! I know! its been very hot in MO too! we have had a couple rain storms the past few days due to hurricane Aaron(or is it Erin?). it cooled off nicely today, we didnt have the air on all day! well, most of the day. maybe that will move your way over the next few days!! i'll cross my fingers!!

Bluma said...

Good words.