Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tomorrow I am going to pick up my daughter from her grandparents house. She calls them her grandfamily. She has been there since Sunday and it has been nice and quiet here. Isaac has enjoyed having more attention and I have really got a lot of knitting done. (Okay, Lanessa, not completed) The week didn't exactly go as I had imagined, though. The first day and a half I was sick. The next day I spent getting the house cleaned up for company that night and then today was just running errands to get ready for our trip tomorrow. I have The Mermaid Chair to listen to in the car on our 7 hour drive and I am really looking forward to that. So, the week went by too quickly, but I will be glad to have our little family all back together again.

I'm not sure how Lillian feels about it. I think she would stay there all summer if I would let her. She got to go to the pool (the inside one!) and to my aunt's to see them and my grandparents and my aunts ducks and ponies. She didn't take any naps all week and stayed up past her bedtime every night. I plan on bribing her with trips to the pool and our upcoming vacation to see Lanessa and her boys on our way to Florida. Hopefully that is enough.


deanna said...

well, we sure had a lot of fun with Lillian here! I wish we could see her all summer too!! She was very good, but she missed her momma very much! that is all she talked about, except when she was asked if she wanted to talk to her momma! ( no was the answer!!) its hard to believe that she is already old enough to stay with us for a week!!