Friday, May 23, 2008

It has been three days now, with no nursing. What I have noticed most is much more cuddling. Before if Isaac, who is 15 months, was tired or cranky or hungry (of course) he would want to nurse but never cuddle. The last few days have been very nice in that way.

I have also noticed a change in my body over the last month as we have slowly gotten closer to this point. My boobs are back to their non-existent form and my pants are just a tiny bit more snug.

I feel a little sad that this phase of our relationship is over but a bit relived, too, to be honest. I didn't really see this coming. He was always a good nurser and I thought I would have trouble weaning him. I thought he wouldn't want to give it up. He nursed all the time until he was 12 months. I couldn't get him to eat hardly any food up until that point. After that, he would eat but still want to nurse afterward, before and after bedtime and naps and several times throughout the day. I am happy that it turned out this way, though. I am glad it happened gradually, on its own. I have only had to tell him no once or twice and he didn't cry or anything like he usually would, so that makes it easier. I just feel like my baby is growing up too fast.

I don't feel the baby craving yet, though. (Sorry Lanessa!) I thought I might when I got to this point. I thought I might start wanting that little newborn person. Not yet. Maybe, if Isaac will ever learn to walk...


Haley-O said...

The monkey was so easy to wean. We were both ready at the same time. Whenever I offered her the boob, she'd take it, but she stopped asking, and one day I just stopped offering...! I suspect the rascal will be more difficult to wean because he is so BOOB HUNGRY. It's totally his pacifier. Hopefully, it'll be easy, but I'm not expecting that! ;)

I can't wait till my boobs shrink back, though! Can't WAIT! It's INSANE how big they are.

I know how emotional it is to wean. I hope you're okay. The hormones go awry when we stop nursing, too, so go easy on yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

I second Haley-0's hormone comments. I think it was a week post-weaning that I hit some sort of hormone vortex. But my weaning experience was medically necessitated and very abrupt, so that may be a factor.

Regardless: congratulate your boobs on a job well done!

deanna said...

I am proud of you two!! Ya did good, kid!! Hey, now you can let grandma and auntie have the little one for a week!! what do you think?? ;) Oh, about the baby just need a neice or nephew to spoil!! (I'll get to working on that for you!!!)

The Army of Allmans said...

Man Cyndi- two diffrent blog looks in 2 days! I like the makeover! I bet it has been emotional made it so much longer than most women ( me included ) I am proud of you too. See ya in 2 weeks!!!