Thursday, June 5, 2008

Great news. On the way home from picking up Lillian, my van was hit. Fun times. We stopped to eat at Sonic and then went next door to McDonald's to rent a movie and go to the bathroom. We were inside for maybe 5 minutes. When I came back out, there was a big swipe down the back side of the van. I was about to get in the van and just leave because what could I do, really, if the jerk just leaves. Just then a man gets out of his truck and hands me the license plate number and tells me it was a silver Impala. So, I called the cops. They took a report and then I called my insurance company. The entire time I felt like I was making a big fuss about nothing. Really, there is a big scrape but no dents or anything. Very minor damage. It's the principle, though. Who would just hit a car and then just leave? A criminal, that's who. A jerk, at least. So about an hour after I was back on the road the guy called me and apologized. He went to the police station and let them know what happened. After I got back home my husband took over all the phone calls and running that this has caused. I really wanted to just drop the entire thing after he called and apologized which is why I need my husband- to be strong for me. Then today I found out what kind of person does this- a mentally challenged person who was taking his sister to McDonald's. If I didn't feel bad enough already, now I feel terrible. The good news is he did not end up getting a ticket because of his handicap and because he tried to come back and find me and when he couldn't, he went to the police. So, I guess this can just be life experience for him. When you hit a car, stick around or leave a note. Do not get flustered and leave.


Beck said...

Aw. That whole thing is just awful.

Kathryn said...

Aww. I think there is a lesson in this for all of us. I know I personally would have had a major cow about my car being hit. But the bigger story is that you never know the other side of the story.
Thanks for the reminder!

The Army of Allmans said...

Remember when that mentally challenged person hit my van? Oh wait that was Jason...haha. Ok, that joke might have been a tad distastful. Anyways, I would have acted just like you...sorry that happened...glad it got straightened out too.

gretchen from lifenut said...

That is sad, all around. I'm sorry about your van. What a nasty surprise.

Having been on the hitting side of the equation, I can attest how absolutely flustered and mortified you are at that moment. I stayed around and dealt with my mistake, but I can fully see how a person would give in to the impulse to flee, flee, flee. Cause that's what you WANT to do at the moment of impact.

Deanna said...

oh man what a bummer! I hope it is easily fixable!
Yeah, i think that he will learn from this...dont leave!! But i think we can learn from this too. We like to think that people are all big pricks, but we never know the truth of it. The guy speeding through traffic might have an emergency, or lady stopped FOREVER at the light might be having car trouble. I have to make a constant effort not to jump to the conclusion that everyone is just stupid!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Awww... your whole situation! I think what you felt was only right and normal. Just unfortunate for everyone involved!