Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Mops post

Today was our spa day at Mops. We had a local spa come and do a little pampering for us, absolutely free. Is that kind and generous, or what? Here is how it worked: they offered three different services, 5 minute message, facial, or paraffin wax hand treatment. There was a sign-up sheet to sign up for one service. Then, we could just go down the list and make sure everyone was given a bit of pampering. That is how it should have worked, anyway. Of course the message was booked very quickly followed by the facial. A lady came in just as our meeting was starting and I told her to go ahead and sign up. She said she wanted a message and I told her that was the first thing to fill up but she could sign up for another treatment. So, when the lady was introduced and said that she could start taking people, who do you thing RAN from the back of the room and landed herself right in the message chair? And do you think she was the only (so called) lady to barge in? Nope. This meant that some people did not get the treatment they signed up for and some none at all. I just wonder, how do people have the gall to do things like that? How can someone just put their own desires above a whole room full of people who deserve it as much as anyone and actually got their on time to sign up for something? If I saw my daughter act this way, she would be in a lot of trouble and we would have a long conversation about manners and taking turns and courtesy. I guess when we get to be adults and no longer have mothers to point out ways to be better, we just rely on other peoples manners to not call us out.


the dragonfly said...

It often surprises me how many adults don't have any manners at all..

D said...

oh my goodness!! People just amaze me sometimes! (and not in a good way!!) I do feel really bad for the people who waited patiently for their turn and then didnt even get a bit of pampering. i hope that "lady" pulled a muscle trying to run to the front of the room!! :)

Beck said...

Some people just have this tremendous sense of self-entitlement. I don't like those people.