Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 2

Today was not so bad. I was really prepared for the worst. I did not wake up hungry and I haven't had any terrible hunger pains all day. I was a bit hungry tonight after dinner, but it was not too bad. Nothing a glass of water didn't fix.

I have had a few weird things today. I don't know if it is really related to the detox or not, but I will report them anyway. I have had a sort of coating on the roof of my mouth that will not go away. Even right after brushing it still feels yucky.

I had a small headache all afternoon. Nothing that I would normally take Tylenol for but it was there.

I have felt sluggish today. Like my arms and especially my legs just didn't have any energy. Climbing the stairs felt like a major accomplishment today. I didn't feel tired today, just like I did something strenuous.

For breakfast I had the BEST drink. It was 2 pears (2 was too many- next time I will use 1 1/2) a lemon and a small piece of ginger root. It could also be made with apple in place of the pear. This was so good! I will be making this even when I am not on a diet/detox!

For dinner I had 1/2 carton of cherry tomatoes- all I could find that were ripe, a few handfuls of grapes for sweetness and 1/2 green pepper. It was not bad, but very thick. The green pepper seemed to stay at the top even after I stirred it. The grape juice sank to the bottom, so the last half was much better than the first. Sort of like dinner and dessert all in one glass.

The hardest thing today was making dinner. (Oh, my husband quit. Did I say that already? He lasted about 12 hours.) I made home made spaghetti sauce. It was hard to make without tasting it. It would not have been a big deal, but I knew it would make me hungry. Also, when I was helping Isaac (who is 2 now) with his food it was very hard not to lick my fingers. Also, the cookies were teasing me today. "Just one butterscotch chip!" they kept calling from the counter.

I have to say, I have been impressed with my willpower so far! Tomorrow, though, is Mops. We are having a spring swap so it won't be a regular meeting with a ton of food, but I know there will still be something good. If I can get through tomorrow morning, I will be set. This is going to take a lot of prayer.


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

You are my hero! :) I would have eaten the butterscotch and then 20 more...

Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said...

Never would have thought that ginger root, lemon and pears would make a good drink.

You go girl! :)