Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July! We have had a great holiday so far. We went out with some people on their boat Thursday night and watched the fireworks display on the water. I was a bit nervous about the kids being out on the water, but they did so well. Plus, they looked so cute in their little life vests. Isaac especially acted like it was something we did all the time.

My mom and my sister came for the weekend, too and so Friday night we went to hang out in the church parking lot to watch the big show that was on post. I miss the display that we usually go to back home, but it was a great fireworks display. There is just something different about the fireworks going off right in front of you and the noise of it all that is part of the experience and I missed that on Friday.

In other news, my sister also brought us a puppy. She is a sweet little thing and we are thinking of calling her Bonnie. That was after Chris decided on Lisa and then everyone laughed at it at church last night. So, he finally listened and conceded that Lisa wasn't a good name for a dog after all.

So today (Saturday) we are going to the water park for a few hours this morning and then later we are going to bar-b-que some chicken and make some red-white-and blue dessert and just hang out and enjoy each other. And as soon as I find the cable to the camera I will post some pictures. I have some great ones that I have really wanted to post and now my cable is missing. (again)


The Army of Allmans said...

kinda jelous you were boating with other frinds, we thought we were your only ones... ;( Glad ya'll had fun...we did absolutly nothing! Slept thru the fireworks and all! We miss you! I still have done NO knitting...please get on my butt to finish! Maybe after I do he'll come!

Deanna said...

You did a blog on saturday?? Where was I? Oh 6:55 AM, yeah i was sound asleep on the love seat. Are you crazy!!?? 6:55 AM!!!

anyway we had a lot(2 words!!)of fun this weekend, too! I missed the show here at home too, but the one there was fum. :) I already miss the kiddos! Post pictures sson!!

Alpha DogMa said...

I think Lisa would be an awesome name for a dog -- it's just so unexpected!

the dragonfly said...

Sounds lovely. I'm jealous of the puppy, I hope we can have a dog sometime.

No fireworks for us, but that was mostly because I didn't want to have my 13 month old out so late..