Monday, April 7, 2008

My daughters bedtime is 8:00. It is currently 8:16 and she is still in the bathtub and I am blogging. Oh well, she is having a good time with her ponies. Here are some other things going on in our lives right now:

My husband is getting out of the military soon. He is getting med-boarded which means he will have a medical discharge. This is good and bad. It means that he will always have great health insurance and we will too, for a very low cost. Also, we will get a check every month, which will be nice. The bad part is that it is a very lenghty process with no real time line. In January they told us 3 months until it was all finished and now they are telling us 2 months to go. So, we can't really count on that. Also, when it is finally finished they will pretty much say, okay, it is done. You are out of the Army now. Add that to the fact that he can not actually get another job until he is officially out of the military combined with the no time line thing can make this a pretty stressful process. We are thinking of staying in the area that we are currently living in (which my mother is SO happy about, but that is another story...) but that means buying a house, researching school districts and stressing about what will happen if he is offered a job in another part of the country. So, that has been fun.

Isaac has discovered books. I have a few board books out for him and he just can not get enough. His favorites right now is a book about the Muppet babies and The Lonely Firefly. He crawls over to them and brings it over and grunts until we read it to him. He just laughs and laughs while we read it. Today, Lillian and Isaac were in the living room and I was in another room and I heard Lillian "reading" his book to him. It melted my heart. Also, he is not walking yet. He is over 13 months old. Actually he is not even standing alone yet. I am not too worried about it. Lillian walked when she was 15 months, so I know he will get around to it when he is good and ready. That is the way it goes around here. My kids get lots of teeth very early (Isaac already has 12, including 4 molars) and roll over, crawl and walk late.

The Office! New episode on Thursday! Can't wait. Here is what I am wanting to find out: Will Dwight and Angela get back together? Will Michael and Jan break up? What is going on between Pam and Jim, because something didn't seem right.

On our recent trip home I listened to an audio book and what a difference it made! Our 7 hour drive seemed to go by too quickly. I also got a movie from the McDonald's red box. That way Lillian could watch a new movie as many times as she wanted and then when we got where we were going we could return it there. I think we have a new routine for car trips.

Also, while I was gone my husband cleaned the entire house. He was Mr. Spring Clean. He cleaned out closets, drawers, shelves. He moved furniture and scrubbed and made everything look like new. And, even better, he has helped me keep it this clean since I have been home. Isn't he the greatest? To show him my appreciation I bought him the second season of Smallville.

I want Carly or Michael Johns to win American Idol. Chris also likes David Cook and Brooke.

I LOVE knitting. My afghan is coming along really well and I am over a quarter of the way done. I have learned how to do cables, bobbles and lace work. I think the lace work is a lot of fun, which really surprised me. I didn't think I would like it as much, but it is challenging and I really enjoy it.

So those are some random happenings and thoughts of late.


Haley-O said...

Oh, Cyndi! Motivate me to knit again. MOTIVATE ME! Actually, you kinda did motivate me there.... Thanks!

Alpha DogMa said...

OH. Work and moving decisions and turmoil is the worst.

Beck said...

Having to worry about moving and work issues at the same time - yikes!
I loved the new episode of the Office! Pam and Jim seemed like such a settled couple - and ick, Dwight and his babysitter.

the dragonfly said...

Wow, you're busy...I know that feeling...

I hope everything with getting out of the Army goes well, and quickly. I sure know how the military can stretch things out, adding much stress to life.

Deanna said...

So if Lillians bed time is 8, then is your bed time 8 too? You seemed kind of babbly! Oh well, I enjoyed it! It melts my heart to think of lillian "reading" to isaac. Aww!!