Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We had a great weekend. We both love it when my family comes to visit. I am so lucky that my husband likes my family so much. My husband and my dad are such buddies and he has so much fun with them all. My brother-in-law wasn't able to come as planned so he was missed. (I have to say that, my sister reads this blog! Just kidding!) It seemed, though, that the weekend was a little cursed. When they got here, it took an hour for them to get the visitor's pass to come onto the Army post that usually takes all of 10 minutes. Then, our garbage disposal clogged up mysteriously. *coughchriscough* Then, our grill ran out of propane just as we were putting the burgers on and when I went to flip them, the whole grill fell in. The burgers were fine and quite tasty, if I do say so myself. So all in all, a pretty good weekend. To short as always, but good. Except for the rest of Monday, after they left, I was so sad and pouty.

It made both of us really realize how badly we want to move back. In about a years time, a year and a half at the most, and we will be back. The Lord willing, of course. We don't know what to expect after we separate from the Army, but we are planning on good things. I am already looking at houses and doing some planning and dreaming. I just can't wait to live at least within an hour of my family as opposed to 7 hours. That will be such a dream come true. It is really something that I took for granted when we lived close. Being gone for these last few years has really shown me how much we love our home. We love here, too, though so I am already sad to leave. I want to just move my family here. I guess that would really be ideal, but I don't really think they would go for it.

So, tomorrow is the big surgery. We really aren't stressed about it at all. It should only take 30 minutes, so we aren't looking at it as being more than a doctors appointment. I am going to stay until Chris is out and then I am leaving because tomorrow is the first day of MOPS! I just can't even say how excited I am for this! I have been more excited in my life plenty of times, but I am still pretty excited. And Chris really doesn't seem nervous at all so that is good, I guess. He already has the crutches and the pain killers so we will see how it all goes tomorrow. He will be home for 2 weeks and then I guess we will see how much he works after that. I am so glad that he gets to be home for awhile. I love having him home. Even though he is going to be doped up on pain meds for the next little bit. My goal during the next couple of days is to have him write a blog post. We'll see how that goes! Until then!


Stephanie said...

Hi! How cool that I'm one of your chosen linked ones! :) Sorry that it's been boring around my blog as of late--I'm too busy running around after my kiddos. Feel free to come by and comment on my boring-ness any time!

PS--I hope it okay if I add your blog to my Bloglines. :)

Stephanie said...

Oh, and excuse my lack of 's toward the end of that comment. I'm a former English teacher, and I hate not being able to edit! :)

D said...

This is her sister and i can tell you that i was sad and pouty the whole way home too, not to mention the day before and about 2 days after we left her house! My neice was sad too which just broke my heart and mad me even more sad! But all in all it was a fun trip!
I am really praying that my bro-in-law goes thro surgery well, and everything turns out just how the Lord intended!