Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, Alpha, where are you AlphaDogma. Gwen Stefani went and named her child Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. I need you to mock it. To call him Nestli Quick or something. Sigh, I miss you.

We are finally putting an offer in on a house tomorrow morning. This house hunting stuff is hard work. Especially on a deadline. We need to be out of our house on post by September 30 so we really needed to find a house this week. We probably looked at close to 30 just this week. It was grueling, especially since we have had both kids with us each time. Our realtor is great and so patient and we finally found a house.

Not without drama, of course. We found a house that is PERFECT for us. We knew we would like it, but between the hardwood floors, sun room, covered deck and beautiful big yard, we were in love. The only drawback? The owners won't move out until December 1. So, it just won't work. And as much as I tried to convince my husband to live in an apartment for 2 months and I can go live at home until we can move in, he just didn't think that was a good idea. So, I guess that is what I keep him around for- making good judgement calls.

Then it was just down to two houses that we loved. One smaller, 3 bedrooms but in a great location. One 4 bedrooms with a great layout but in a less than convenient part of town. We went with the smaller of the two because the neighborhood just felt more like home. So, tomorrow we are putting in an offer and I hope to be settled in fairly quickly.

I want to just leave you with some pictures of what I have been knitting lately.

A sweet baby hat (I will be making one of these for Isaac as well) and a pair of socks for myself. If you love to knit and haven't tried socks on two circular needles, you should. It is a way that makes them very quick. And I am loving this self-striping yarn.


the dragonfly said...

I've been missing Alpha too..

Hope the house drama will soon be over!!

Becky said...

That's great you found something so soon!

And the baby hat is DARLING!

With my toddler getting so big, looking at that hat kinda makes me wish I had one more little baby...

Deanna said...

I am very glad that you have found a house!! I have a good feeling about this one! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

I love the baby hat! It makes me think of the baby you made it for, though. :(