Thursday, December 11, 2008

I spent most of the night before last on the floor of the bathroom with the stomach flu. Which means that I spent the day yesterday on the couch or in bed. My kids ate fruit, shredded cheese out of the bag and cookies from my cookie exchange.

The floor of the living room is still covered in cheese and really needs mopped after the milk tag they played at lunch. Oh, that is where you take a drink of milk and then spit it at each other.

This morning I actually managed to get Lillian to school on time and Isaac dressed- yesterday Lillian stayed home and in her pajamas all day and Isaac only had on a diaper and a button up shirt on with only one button fastened.

I am going to try to take a shower today and maybe do some laundry. The stomach pains have passed, but I am still so light headed. I just think I need to take it easy and have another lounge day. Just. no. energy.

Which means that I have to miss the last day of our ladies Bible study and the pot luck tonight with my knitting group. My husband rented Wal-E (or whatever) last night to keep the kids entertained this afternoon, God bless him! He even filled up the tank of my van last night when he took the kids to McDonald's and stayed there for 2 hours, cuddled up in the back of the van with blankets and watched a movie.

So, if anyone has some spare time and energy- I could put it to good use! Just send it my way!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We finally decorated our Christmas tree yesterday. We will be going this week to get the kids ornament, which is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. My husband did this growing up and I just love the idea of going through all the ornaments and remembering. I know so many of the stories behind his ornaments but there are still some that I don't know. It is like a new gift when he remembers the story behind them.

I can't find the tree skirt, though.

And that basically concluded our Christmas decorating. We have two nutcrackers and a snow globe. Oh, and a nativity scene, of course. I don't really have any place to set it up so it may live in the kitchen this year. I would like to decorate our small banister this year and hang the stockings on it. If I don't get to all this soon, it is going to be too late.

My husband bought lights for the outside of the house, but they are still in the van.

So basically, we are a bunch of scrooges around here. We never even finished the paper chain to count down the remaining days until Christmas.

But last night, after the tree was decorated and we were all sitting at the table with hot(ish) chocolate I asked Lillian to tell her little brother what Christmas is. She said without even stopping to think that it is Jesus' birthday. She went on with a few more details, none of which included Santa or presents or food. Just the love of Jesus.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Seven Random Things

I was tagged a few weeks ago by Veronica over at Toddled Dredge for the seven random things meme and so here I go...

1. I am not good at random. I try to be. When I try to make something look random, after I step back and take a look, it looks like a checkerboard pattern

2. I really like to read. I just finished the Twilight saga, which I really enjoyed. Any good recommendations on what to read next?

3. I am on the Women's Ministry team at my church. We are the Lady Bugs.

4. When I was 4 I was playing on a tractor and fell of the step and broke my arm. I only fell about 2 feet. I told my mom that I fell off the porch and was a guilty mess until I finally told her the truth after my cast was off 6 weeks later.

5. I LOVE Chick-fil-a. I don't think i could live anywhere that there wasn't one close by.

6. I don't really like the cold. I think it should only be allowed to snow at Christmas time. The rest of winter it should be at least 50 degrees.

7. I don't like heat either. I get sick when I get too hot. It should never be above 90 degrees.

I am going to tag Becky, Amy, and On Dragonfly Wings.